Baby Boom Bloopers & Goofs

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"Country Baby" becomes a nationwide phenomenon
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Diane Keaton, Sam Shepard, James Spader et al.
Contributed by: Peter Krug
In the "diaper changing fiasco" scene, one moment we see baby Elizabeth is holding a teddy bear and has no clothes on. The next moment while J.C. is putting the diaper on we see the bear is gone and Elizabeth is wearing a white shirt.
Contributed by: Heather
When JC arrives at her new home in Vermont, you see JC and the baby from the front of the car. The baby is buckled into her car seat. When JC opens the car door and reaches in to take the baby out she is able to remove her from the car seat without actually unbuckling her.
Contributed by: Loom
In the scene where JC is talking to her plumber near his vehicle that is parked in her driveway, as he's talking to her he closes the passenger side door, and then she answers him in the very next second, and it pans back to him and the passenger side car door is wide open.
Contributed by: Carol Cunningham
When JC arrives home with Elizabeth for the first time, she throws all her packages on the floor in a pile.

Every time the camera pans back to them they are in a different position, some have moved or disappeared altogether.
Contributed by: D G Farris
When J C decides to keep Elizabeth, the man she lives with moves out of their apartment. We see the movers taking out the living room black leather and chrome furniture. When JC interviews the nannies, the same furniture is back.
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