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Thanks to Danielle Burton
The Kid: Give me that
(Apollonia turns around in shock)

The Kid: That, on your boot
(Apollonia gives the ankle bracelet to him)

Apollonia: Hey wait. Give it back to me

The Kid: You can have it back later

Apollonia: I want it back now, okay

The Kid: Who gave it to you?

Apollonia: A person

The Kid: Male or female?

Apollonia: Huh?

The Kid: You're lying. I can tell just by your reaction your lying. So, you gave it to me. It's not yours any more
(The Kid walks over to the shop with the white guitar in the window. Apollonia follows)

Apollonia: Do you see something you like?

The Kid: Let's go
(Throws Apollonia's ankle braclet over his shoulder and she catches it. They both walk off together)

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