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Joe Clark and Ms. Levias help Kaneesha.


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They used to call me Crazy Joe. Well now they can call me "Batman"!
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Joe Clark:

"You've tried it your way for years, and your students can't even pass the State's Minimum Basic Skills Test. THAT MEANS THEY CAN BARELY READ!

Now, they've given me one year to turn this place around - to get those test scores up - so that the State will not take us over to perform the task which YOU have failed to accomplish: the task of EDUCATING OUR CHILDREN! So forget about the way it used to be. This is not a damn democracy! We are in a state of emergency and my word is law! There's only one boss around here, and that's me. The HNIC." [exits]

Mr. O'Malley: HNIC?

Ms. Levias: Head N*gger In Charge.
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Joe Clark: I don't have time for Mrs. Elliott's problem!

Dr. Frank Napier: You better make time!

Joe Clark: We are being crucified by a process that is turning blacks into a permanent underclass here, Frank. A permanent underclass!
[Dr. Napier turns away from him and puts some papers in his briefcase]

Joe Clark: See! See, nobody wants to talk about that! NOBODY! Mrs. Elliott's missionary zeal about Mozart has nothing to do with our problem. Nothing! What good is Mozart going to do a bunch of children who can't go out and get a job?

Dr. Frank Napier: Joe, your personal battles are gonna cost us the war. Worry about the test scores.


Dr. Frank Napier: END OF DISCUSSION! You will write a formal apology!

Joe Clark: I will what?

Dr. Frank Napier: A formal apology for your treatment of Mrs. Elliott and Darnell and for your vicious and thoughtless insults to the women of this community! You will kow tow. You will step and fetch!

Joe Clark: If you think that I'm gonna...

Dr. Frank Napier: [slams briefcase shut] Get used to it! It's the WAY OF THE WORLD! If you're so hot on discipline, then goddammit... [pounds on briefcase] ...start by accepting mine because contrary to popular opinion, I'M THE HEAD NIGGER IN CHARGE!
[He grabs his briefcase and heads for the door]

Dr. Frank Napier: Come on, let's get something to eat.

Joe Clark: [following him to the door and walking out with him] You really think you bad, don't you?

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