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favorite movie quotes and links to other good sites for the 1985 Action / Adventure movie starring Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet et al.
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Contributed by: The Doctor
Matt Hunter: If you come back in, I'll hit you with so many rights you'll be begging for a left...
Contributed by: The Doctor
Bouncer: Hold it! Where are you going? I don't think I know you pal!

Matt Hunter: That makes us even, I don't know you either.
Contributed by: The Doctor
[Hunter gives an interview directed towards Rostov]

Matt Hunter: Nikko was easy. Now it's your turn. One night you'll close your eyes, and when they open I'll be there. It'll be time to die.
Contributed by: The Doctor
Matt Hunter: Tell me something John, what are you going to do when the social security people find out you've been moonlighting?

John Eagle: Ain't found out about my air boat business. Been doing it for forty years.

Matt Hunter: That's probably because you haven't made a profit in the last thirty-nine.
Contributed by: The Doctor
John Eagle: Matt, you wanna come to dinner tonight? We got some live ones. Fried, steamed, barbequed, your choice.

Matt Hunter: [under his breath] God, I'm sick of frogs.
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