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Contributed by: Lovers with Cass
"Look, mister, I know this guy just f****d your wife, but he's our prisoner now, so how about backing off, okay?"

"Sir, wait, please! Let us have him, the law's gonna punish him, okay?"

"Your law! He has dishonoured me! My law says his life now is mine!"
Contributed by: Lovers with Cass
"I wanna do it on the floor."

"What do you mean, you wanna do it on the floor?"

"I like it on the floor."

"I don't like it on the floor, I bruise easily."

"I like bruises."
Contributed by: Lovers with Cass
"Well, you're real good, Max. You know, I can see you weren't born yesterday. Because nobody could get that f*****g stupid in twenty four hours."
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