Dr. Alien

Also known as "I was a teenage sex mutant", Dr. Alien is an extremely low budget, comedy-sci-fi classic.

This movie is definately one you need to throw on the old "Toxic Avenger" goggles for, not so much for over the top gore, but for seeing past just how bad it really is... in a good way, of course.

The always great Billy Jacoby (Buddy, from "Just one of the Guys") plays Wesley Littlejohn, a college freshmen who dresses like Fred Rogers (R.I.P) and still lives at home with his parents.

He has his eye on a girl he sees daily on campus, Leeane (Olivia Barish, from "Repo Man") but can't seem to gather the nerve to approach her, until, you guessed it... The new Biology teacher, who just happens to be an alien looking for a human male to help populate her planet, injects him with a formula that causes a sausage like antenna to grow out of his head, attracting every girl in sight... Wheew!

You think he would be happy, but ya know, where's the conflict in that?

With his new found confidence he is now able to talk to leeane (or maybe it's just the fact that he lost the cardigan, and flipped his collar up? -Man, I miss 1988!)

Anyway, after a trip to the local make-out spot goes awry, Wesley finds himself accused of trying to take advantage of Leeane, losing her somewhere in the process.

So he does what any regular guy would do.

With the help of his "Stilies" like pal, he forms a band called "The Sex Mutants". Thus leading to one of the best musical numbers of the 80s, not to mention one of the cheesiest... In a good way of course!

Dr.Alien also stars Judy Landers as Ms.Xenobia, Wesley's rather large headed biology teacher and a soon to be mumified Troy Donahue (surf side 6).


Billy Jacoby (Jayne) has been one of my favorite actors for a long time
now. So, naturally, I like his movies, even this one.

With the given material, he definately makes the best of it and as such, this is definately a good one for fans of his.

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Strengths: Good acting by Billy Jacoby

Weaknesses? a very surreal score

Our rating: 7.6 out of 10

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Dr. Alien