The Dragon That Wasn't (Or Was He?)

Hey, kids and parents! Have you ever wondered if dragons exist? Well, you won't wonder anymore, after you see the Dragon That Wasn't (Or Was He?)!

It starts at the castle home of a rich bear, Sir Oliver "Ollie" Bommel.

During a dark and stormy night, something enters his yard. His butler, Yost, thinks it is a dragon, and sees HUGE footprints on the ground after the creature leaves. Ollie doesn't believe him, and says he should be resting for the party he will have tomorrow.

Then Yost goes to get Ollie's friend, Kit Cat. They both look at the footprints, and find a mysterious green egg. They show it to Ollie, and he thinks it is a beach ball. He decides to give it to his good friend, Miss Fluff, but then it follows him to the bathroom. When he notices, it rolls under him, and he rolls down the stairs to the fountain outside. Then, it hatches, and a "dragon?" comes out!

Kit Cat tells Ollie that since it saw him first, it thinks he is its father.
Then, for the rest of the day, Ollie and the animal play together and really love each other like father and son.

He names him Dexter, after his father.

Yost and Kit Cat tell him Dexter's a dragon, but he refuses to listen every time. Yost lets Kit Cat borrow an old book of his about dragons. She takes it home, reads it and finds out that when upset or around sweet things, dragons grow very big and act vicious.

That night, at the party, the mayor, chief of police, and all the villagers come. Ollie puts Dexter to bed, but he sneaks out and into the room with the feast, including a big cake.

Just then, Kit Cat comes to warn Ollie about what might happen, but he won't listen. When he is ready to serve the feast, Dexter has grown to be GIGANTIC and crushes things and picks up and throws people. Kit Cat then tells Ollie about what happens to dragons and that Dexter still believes Ollie to be his father. He tells Dexter what he has done and Dexter shrinks back to normal size.

The police almost arrest Dexter, but then a doctor tells Ollie that he can cure Dexter, and so they make an appointment for tommorow.

When they go, two criminals who attended the party kidnap Dexter and get him to rob a bank so they can start a circus (and have Dexter in it). Ollie rushes to the bank, and tells Dexter to drop the money. He does so, crushing the bad guys' van and covering Ollie up. At that moment, the police arrive, and thinking that Ollie caused the robbery, start to arrest him.

Before they can do so, Dexter (BIG), grabs Ollie and takes him to the Land of Dragons, beyond the misty mountains. Ollie must now make a difficult decision...

What do you think happens? You'll just have to see for yourself!


This animated movie is great for all ages.

It was made in the Netherlands in 1983, and was released in the US in 1987.

You gotta see it! It really is GREAT!!

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Strengths: Great story, great movie.

Weaknesses? None.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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The Dragon That Wasn't (Or Was He?)