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fast-rewind is proud to present as the host of our Last Dragon site none other than the star that made the movie so special.... Taimak himself !

Greetings everyone!!

I'm very happy you've come to visit The Official Last Dragon website. The Last Dragon has changed my life and continues to even today over fifteen years later..

No, I'm not married yet and don't have kids, but I'm continuing to perfect my acting and martial arts talent every day.. I have had a hiatus from the entertainment world, but I'm now living in Los Angeles and plan to get on the big screen again.

In some exciting recent news, I have been working hard on getting a sequel to The Last Dragon made and have a script nearly completed. More news as it happens may be found at my website.

Thanks for visiting Fast-Rewind and please tell all your friends!

Always Glowing,


a.k.a. "Bruce Leeroy"

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If you were you involved in the making of the 1985 Last Dragon movie, you know someone who was or if you have any information that you'd like to share with everyone, please do contact us here at the Last Dragon Website.

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Taimak works on possible sequel..! More info when we get it -Stay tuned...

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