Double Switch

Rock star Bartholomew (GEORGE NEWBERN) is a teen icon, living a road to excess...

Parties, girls, hit-records.

Secretly, he longs for a normal suburban life of cookies and milk at bedtime.

Through a look-alike contest he meets Matt, a Clark-Kent-style variation on Bart (also played by Newbern), who can mime his stage moves perfectly. Bart proposes they switch places for a week.

At first Matt loves the screaming girls and Bart is in heaven at highschool, but of course they both soon find that living another life is not what they expected...


Cringeworthy double identity TV movie, but this is what makes it great!

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Strengths: Fantastic 80's rock/pop soundtrack - sadly unreleased!
Strong, fun script
Good performance from Newbern in both roles

Weaknesses? Cringeworthy idea for a movie!

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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Double Switch