Cherry 2000

I recently discovered this wonderful website and it didn't take long to realize that "Cherry 2000" (to my surprise) was not listed! This sent me immediately to the IMDB site to verify Cherry was an 80's flick which I was fairly sure it was. Yep, 1987. What a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a marvelous internet resource!

Cherry 2000 is a gem in the crown of one of my favorite genre's: low budget sci-fi. When a low budget sci-fi clicks, it's due to creative film production, quirky characters, dialogue and acting to back it all up. As opposed to big budget which is usually carried by a superstar cast, advertising and special effects. Also the more memorable low budget titles have a delicious liberal sprinkling of humor, something sci-fi in general, both in media and text form, often lacks!

Ok to the story... Our hero Sam Treadwell (David Andrews) is a lower management corporate type living in Anaheim, Calif. He has no interest in going out with his buddies to nightclubs to pick up real-life women. Cuz he already has, in his mind, the perfect life partner waiting for him at home. A synthetic female android, (Pamela Gidley -VaVoom!) model Cherry 2000! She cooks, she cleans, she has sex at his very whim! What more can anybody ask for?

Unfortunately, one night while Cherry is washing the dishes by hand, they decide its a good time to get romantic. While they're doing the wild thing on the kitchen floor, the soap and water backs up over the sink and shorts out poor Cherry! Sam rushes her to a robot shop but all the technician can do is salvage her chip containing her memories and personality. Her CPU and servos are fried for good. The tech tries to interest sam into another model of robot but none compare to Cherry.

It seems they just dont make 'em like they used to...

So Sam is forced to leave the city, out into the wastelands known as the zones, in search of the now defunct factory (The Yard) that made Cherry. His only chance to be reunited with the machine he loves.

And so, his adventure begins...


What really makes this film shine is a young Melanie Griffith who plays Edith, a tracker (sort of a wasteland detective and guide) helping Sam find another Cherry 2000 and Ben Johnson as Six-Fingered Jake. The retired tracker who taught Edith everything she knows.

Jake: "You gonna tell me what you and speed are doin out here"?
Edith: "We're just goin into the yard to get one of those sex robots for Sam, his old one broke down from overexertion it sounds like"!

Other notable performances are Tim Thomerson (Trancers, 1985) as Lester, the wasteland gang-leader.

Cameron Milzner as Elaine aka Ginger, Lesters whacky girlfriend.

Ginger: "You guys want some sandwiches"?
Gangmember: "Lesters dead"!
Ginger: "Well, no sandwiches for him"!

If you enjoyed titles like, "The Night of the Comet", "The last Starfighter" or "Circuitry Man", then give "Cherry 2000" a try. It's well worth the rental fee!

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Great cast for a low budget!

Weaknesses? Kinda slow at times!

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Cherry 2000