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Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
I recently saw the TV mini-series "The Stand" on the 2-DVD set. Excellent tele-film!

I had read the Stephen King novel in the late 1980's, and thought it was amazing - definitely SK's best book, and the post-apocalyptic/horror elements were very strong here. I liked the book so much that I held off on watching the mini-series until recently, since I felt it couldn't hold a candle to the book.

And, yes, the mini-series wasn't as good as the book - but it was still decent. Pretty good production quality, for a '90's TV film.

I did like how they kept a lot of elements from the book intact, i.e.:

-Having Nick Andros (played by Rob Lowe) be a deaf-mute.

-Having the Molly Ringwald character be pregnant (by an ex-bf) before the plague began; this culminates in the birth of the baby at the end.

- Keeping the storyline of having the two separate & distinct "groups" of survivors drawn to either the "good", i.e. Mother Abigail - or the "evil" - Randall Flagg, AKA "The Dark Man".

Also, though this is definitely a '90's-era TV movie, it still retains some '80's elements - notably the inclusion of Molly Ringwald & Rob Lowe - who were big teen stars in the '80's.

The soundtrack was also amazing, and included: "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, the '80's hit "Don't Dream it's Over" by Crowded House; ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man", and
"Eve of Destruction" (that the Larry Underwood character is singing). Great songs, that really fit the scenes they're placed over in the film.
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
Not seen The Stand before Nostalgic but the cast and soundtrack sound good so I would certainly like to give it a watch at some point!

Have watched Kings 90s TV adaption of the Tommy Knockers but my memory of it is too vague to give an honest assessment though I think I remember enjoying it a fair bit!

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