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Here's my review of The Rage: Carrie II Blu-ray.

Note there are SPOILERS below.

Technical review: fantastic PQ, color, and sound. This is an amazing restoration of a late '90's film.

Re: the film itself: Great movie! I don't think it's fair to label this film a "re-make", since it's actually a legitimate sequel to the 1976 film. The Amy Irving character reprises her role as Sue Snell from the first film. Also, Rachel (the character with telekenesis in this film) actually had the same father as the Sissy Spacek Carrie in the '76 film (even though they are roughly 20 years apart in age). I also liked the scene with Sue Snell took Rachel to the remains of the high school that Carrie had all-but-destroyed in the original film - nice continuity there.

Also, the Rachel character wasn't as much of a misanthrope/outcast as Carrie from the original film - she was an outcast, but she had some friends...unlike Carrie in the '76 film, who was a complete outcast & had 0 friends.

The ending - when Rachel was tricked into going to the house party so she could be humiliated - obviously brought to mind the '76 Carrie, but with slightly different vibe/tone, re: Rachel's "veins" standing out - presumably emphasizing her telekensis, etc.

I was also surprised that in this film, Rachel saved her "boyfriend" from being killed by throwing him to safety just as the burning pillar was going to fall on him - this is after she realized that he did indeed love her, and wasn't aware that his friends were going to humiliate her. Also, very creepy was the very last scene of the film, which took place a year later when he was in his college dorm room - and he dreamed that he saw Rachel again - horrific, and a great ending to the film.

In any case, I dug the storyline, effects, and late '90's setting. The soundtrack was great as well, i.e. mixing '90's pop/rock with songs by Billie Holiday, etc. And, I especially liked the '90's music posters, i.e. the one of "Nine Inch Nails" in Rachel's bedroom, as well as the cover of Hole's iconic "Live Through This" album (1994) in Mena Suvari's locker, etc.

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