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Posted by oneyedwilly (Member # 8730) on :
as i sit and type this im also watching daniel stern getting shot in the head by a pellet rifle in the head through the cat flap. This ending never ever gets old with me. Just hilarious. LOL
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
"The little jerk is armed!!!" Amusing how that's only the first trap, and Harry's already yelling, "That's it!" when he hasn't even seen what else is in store for them; usually it takes a little longer to get to "That's it!" levels. You're absolutely right, no matter how many times one sees the picture, those 10-15 minutes remain the most screamingly insane in film history, and one can never tire watching these guys put themselves through the ringer over and over again even after it's clear it's no longer worth anything except petty revenge. The best joke from the first one for me is Harry creeping in the back door, only to learn exactly how much of a literal hothead he is; the look of pure horror on his face as he screams at the top of his lungs while the blowtorch ignites his head (making one wonder why he just stands there for about 10 seconds and thus compounds the problem) is as priceless as they come.
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
I remember my dad laughing like crazy the first time he watched the original "Home Alone". One of the those moments you remember... your dad enjoying Pesci/Stern pain. ha
Posted by oneyedwilly (Member # 8730) on :
i laugh my head off every time i see marv pause momentarily before screaming in sheer terror when that tarantula is put on his face - LMAO - i think id scream just like that too. And the nail through the foot ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
whyd the hell you take your shoes off ?
why you dressed like a chicken ?

Those lines are delivered with excellence.
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
Interesting to note the tarantula scream wasn't actually delivered on-set; they were worried about it stinging Stern if it were startled, so he mimed the scream when the cameras rolled, then dubbed it in during post-production. Having him then absolutely wallop Pesci trying to kill it (and Pesci then grabbing the crowbar off him and whaling him back in blind fury) adds the perfect payoff to the scene.
Posted by oneyedwilly (Member # 8730) on :
nice piece of info chris. Ill look for that mime next time...awsome mate.
Posted by Pyromantic (Member # 7658) on :
This movie is funny.
But I have to say honestly that this is one of those rare occasions where I felt the sequel "Home Alone 2" was even funnier than the 1st.

Of course Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci are brilliantly funny in both films. But I just loved the way their characters were dumbified even more in the 2nd film. And the way they both get even more brutally tortured at the end of the second film is priceless. But as if this weren't enough, you add a couple more comic heavyweights like Rob Schnieder & Tim Curry to the cast..then you got comedy gold.
Posted by Veronica Sawyer (Member # 2221) on :
Found this the same day I found the "Uncle Buck" house....they're about 10 minutes away from each other...

Posted by oneyedwilly (Member # 8730) on :
oh wow veronica, thats just too awsome. did you go looking for this especially?
Posted by Veronica Sawyer (Member # 2221) on :
I sure did, Willy [Smile]
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Totally awesome Veronica!
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
Any sign of the Griswolds' residence in the area as well (any version thereof)?
Posted by oneyedwilly (Member # 8730) on :
id love to see the house from halloween - where is that, does anyone know?
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
Pasadena, I believe.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Rewatched Home Alone and it wasn´t nearly as irritating as i remembered. In fact i enjoyed it quite a bit.
Culkin, Pesci and Stern are very good here.

Hughes staple on camera scream

The film was originally a Warner Bros production but they told Hughes to cut the costs with one million which he didn´t want to do so 20th Century Fox got it.
The film made 500 million worldwide so Warner lost a fortune because of that one million.

John Candy can be seen in one of his "gift roles" he did for Hughes at the time.
Hughes offered him a percentage but he said "i did it for you" and lost a lot of money. But that´s just the John Candy we all love.

The final slapstick sequence was shorter that i recalled and we had lots of fun watching it with our son.

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