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Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
'Go' (1999), directed by Doug Liman (Swingers, The Bourne Identity), was one of my favourite movies of the decade, overshadowed somewhat by big hitters like 'Episode I', 'The Matrix' and 'Fight Club', it followed the drug fuelled misadventures of a some L.A. youths out clubbing on Christmas Eve.


Adopting the 'Rashoman', 'Pulp Fiction' style 'Go' bought us three different perspectives on the same story with clever twists, overlaps and snappy dialogue. Sarah Polley was excellent, Taye Diggs was typically smooth, Katie Holmes was better then usual, Scott Wolf & Jay Mohr made for a great double act, super-cool Timothy Olyphant won a young Hollywood award in the prestigious 'Best Bad Boy' category, William Fincher was the kind of funny / weird that has to be seen to be believed whilst co-stars Desmond Askew, Breckin Meyer, Jane Krakowski and Robert Duvall played their parts well.

Go movie trailer

All in all, just a cool, clever and funny movie that keeps you hooked from start to finish with lots of repeat viewing potential. Can't believe its been a decade since I first saw it: perhaps a sequel is in order, or better yet, perhaps not.
Posted by There'll be no morning for us (Member # 5804) on :
I'd never heard of it. But you got me interested so I just ordered a used copy for 77p [Big Grin]
Posted by saturnchick (Member # 7524) on :
I saw that movie in theaters back in '99, and I now own it on DVD. It's a fun movie, and I've watched it quite a few times since I purchased it on DVD. I first heard of it when my favorite band, No Doubt, wound up doing the lead single for the soundtrack. The song was entitled "New". I agree with Kash - people should check out this movie.
Posted by jdocster (Member # 5752) on :
I have it on my DVR (3 months now). I guess I need to watch it!

- jdocster
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
It´s a cool flick.
I like it!
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Great movie. I loved how creepy Finchtner was. And Katie Holmes was still good looking, pre-Cruise days.
Posted by MotleyRulz (Member # 3598) on :
Great movie that Katie did even greater in before the nutcase Cruise days. My friend's brother went to college at UNC-Wilmington which is the town they filmed Dawson's Creek (cough, gag, yuck) in. He and a bunch of his college buddies went to see that movie The Skulls at the local theater when it came out and hated it. They were complaining about it even when the movie went off and the lights came back on. To make a long story short, they look a row in front of them and there's Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes watching the movie. Jackson was in it is what made it so funny. They said he didn't look too happy to say the least cause evidentally he heard them talking about how awful it was. They said Katie was really friendly to them though and even struck up a conversation with them after the movie. On one good note about Jackson though, they were on a short break from filming Dawson's and were at Kure Beach, NC relaxing. They said he swam out and saved a kid from drowning..........
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
Originally posted by There'll be no morning for us:
I'd never heard of it. But you got me interested so I just ordered a used copy for 77p [Big Grin]

As One Punch Mickey from 'Snatch' might say: "Its a good deal, take it!" [Smile]
Posted by There'll be no morning for us (Member # 5804) on :
I really enjoyed it. 77p well spent [Big Grin]
Posted by jdocster (Member # 5752) on :
What's up with the Tom Cruise bashing? Do you guys really think that he changed Katie Holmes that much?

Do you think he has an all-controlling grip on her life? I don't keep up with the tabloids etc, so I don't read all of the celebrity babble.

Just curious...

- jdocster [Smile]
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
Really enjoyed "Go" - great late '90's trippy indy flick, with great actors & an interesting story-line. Liked the way the same story was told from several different perspectives.

Also, fantastic rock/pop soundtrack - one of the best out there.
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Nostalgic, another good one similar to Go is titled 11:14. It was recommended to me by Dexter Motley Morgan. It tells the story of a car crash from 5 different perspectives.
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
Thanks! I've actually seen 11:14 years ago, though want to see it again. IIRC, it starred Colin Hanks - Tom Hanks' son.

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