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Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
Recently watched Salem's Lot (1979) on Blu - for the very first time. I have been a fan of Stephen King's novels since the late '80's, but avoided many of the film adaptations because I didn't think they would do the books justice.

And, the Salem's Lot tele-film is not even close to being as good as the novel. However, it is a decent - if flawed - film. My review:


This is a great print. Even though I've never seen this before, it's certainly better than any previous home video release. Excellent color, PQ, and sound. There were some artifacts & grittiness in the beginning, but I guess that's to be expected. In any case, for a made-for-TV movie from the late '70's, this looks a lot better than I expected it to.

The movie:

- Decent adaptation, that kept to the book - to a certain extent. I thought the casting of David Soul as the writer/protagonist was good, and James Mason was decent as the evil bad guy.

-The vampire sequences were quite creepy, i.e. when the little kid was floating outside the house, etc. The main bald vampire (Stryker?!) - was quite horrific. I prefer '70's/'80's horror that just uses prosthetics/make-up vs. the modern blood/gore/CGI effects.

In closing, it was unintentionally amusing that the David Soul character was driving a small junker jeep around with doors partially made of plastic - that wouldn't even close properly. He was supposed to be a hot-shot writer, and he couldn't even afford a decent car?! LOL
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Yeah Nostalgic, I was 10 or 11 when this came out and I remember that vampire being the creepiest thing I had ever seen. He still ranks high on that list.

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