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Posted by LISA LISA (Member # 1780) on :
I am watching it right now....watching Clint Eastwood dig his way out, one spoon full at a time. [Smile]
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
I hope for his sake and yours it's not a tea spoon,it will be that long winded we will never hear from you again.

Really great movie this,I done a tour of Alcatraz island with my family back in 2004 and they have frank morris's cell set up how it would probably have looked on the night of the escape.

You can listen on headphones stories about different inmates and what life must have been like living on the island.

You can actually do a night time tour of the island but we didn't really have chance as we only had 4 days there so opted for the daytime tour instead.

The last night in San Fran we went down to the pier and it was brewing up a storm and there was thunder and lightning over Alcatraz and it looked a pretty eerie place.

I can see why they've set the odd horror movie(hell island) there.
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
I remember the first time watching escape from Alcatraz way back and being fairly young the scene that played on my mind was where that bloke chopped his own fingers off.

I think it was because he had lost certain privileges,it's been a while since I've seen it.

Makes me think of burt reynold's the mean machine (aka the longest yard) when the inmate was set on fire and it seemed to have an even more of an unsettling effect because most of the movie was played out as a comedy.

Anyhow they were both really great movies from a decade of great movies.
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
I immediately thought of that same scene from Escape From Alcatraz. Roberts Blossom chopped off his fingers
after he wasn't allowed to paint anymore. Stuff like that sticks with you when you are just a kid.

The same goes for the scene in The Beguiled (1971) where Clint learns they amputated his leg.


It just goes beyond what you can comprehend at a young age i guess.
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
Yeh I remember that scene also johnny,but at least he realized it was missing before he got up and went to walk away. [Big Grin]
Posted by LISA LISA (Member # 1780) on :
I never saw or even heard of The Beguiled...that sounds good. I love "Play Misty For Me".

I'll have to find that movie- I love when someone tells me about a movie I never saw.

The guy that chops his fingers off is Doc...he was played by the old man in the movie Christine (who sells Christine to Keith Gordon)- and he was in Home Alone.

There are movies that have stuck with me too ...certain scenes....I have always hated the movie Salem's Lot because of the kid tapping on the window...and I hated the scene in Alice, Sweet, Alice where that lady gets her legs stabbed....
my brother was always terrified of the movie "The Legacy" where the girl dives in the water, and comes up for air, and the water is like glass and she can't get out- and drowns- my brother would not go under water in our swimming pool that whole summer.
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
One of the scenes that really carved its way into my psyche as a kid,
was the bodybag scene from the original A Nightmare On Elm Street..

Even back then, i could handle violent scenes without any trouble, but this kind of stuff really got to me !

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