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Posted by Saint_in_London (Member # 2575) on :
Over the last week or so I have been re-watching the Superman Movies 1-3 (I have part four on VHS buts its deteriorated too much to watch now)

It was ok watching those movies as a kid but now, there is just not enough explanation in them for me. Things I always wondered about where Krypton, what was it like to live there? What did the people actually do all day? In the movie you only get a very small glimpse of it.

Another thing that always fascinated be is Lex’s subterranean lair. What is it exactly, from the writing on the wall its looks like a sunken hotel(anyone have any info on this I’d be pleased to be pointed in the right direction).

Anyway, I have been reading a lot of information about the movies on this site the trivia/scripts are here and well worth a flick through, you do get to understand a bit more about what was going on on Krypton and a more futuristic to feel to it than what you see on screen.
The script was a lot for violent but also seems to have alot more comedy in it too. I suppose more it has a more comic book feel to it.

You may or may not know that a lot of Part 2 was filmed at the same time a part 1 and in some cases even intended to be Part 1.

Some big changes that where made from the original script where that the Super Villains would actually appear in part 1 after being released from the phantom zone by Superman throwing one of Lex’s missiles (from part 1) into space. Also it would release four super villains and not three. They would then land in Australia and not Huston

Lex would also go to Australia in search of Kryptonite

There’s a big change in the story of Superman turning into an ordinary man and then back again

The leaning tower of Piza scene from part 2 was also scripted for part 1 and has a different plot from the Superman turning bad.

I’m going to start having a look through the scripts of Part 2 today, I’m interested to know what was left for part 2.

The site i mentioned says that a 3h 8min version was shown on TV in the USA a few times but never here in the UK, I'd love to see that. It seems unlikey that it will be released on DVD that way from what the site says Richard Donner would remove his name from it.

Does anyone have any Superman DVDs? Are they any good/different from the TV/VHS?
Posted by The Mod Formerly Known as PaulS (Member # 1022) on :
My suggestion on how to find out some of the information on Krypton, is to get and read the graphic novels. They expand a lot on life before the movie starts, what led to the disaster (and in one case whose fault they thought it was!) and some other survivors - not simply Superman / Supergirl and the three criminals from Superman 2.
Posted by Saint_in_London (Member # 2575) on :
Ok, thanks for that Paul, I really will try and follow that advice.

A scene from the script that was never shot - Superman after losing his powers goes to get Lex in his underground hide-out. He uses a screwdrive and to get in a fire crackers to make it sound like he burst in but Lex see's it all and just laughs and makes fun of him once his inside.

Seemed very funny, Lex was trying to box him etc....
Posted by The Mod Formerly Known as PaulS (Member # 1022) on :
Didn't they recycle that part in Superman 3 when Superman was hit by the Kryptonite ray in the cave?
Posted by Saint_in_London (Member # 2575) on :
I can't remember that scene clearly enough at the moment Paul but I do have it on tape so I shall have a look, anyway, heres the scence i described from the 1975 script. Sounds a funny, very comic book like, maybe best it didnt play like this in the film....


As we HEAR a BELL (rather like am alarm) RING LONG and LOUD, we are on a BANK OF TV BANKS MONITORS, each of which is labeled -- Park Avenue entrance, Fifth Avenue Entrance, 62nd Street Entrance, 59th Street Entrance. A light on this last set is blinking.

WIDEN SHOT to INCLUDE Luthor, Albert, and Eve. LUTHOR Ah, visitors! Now who could be dropping in?


laboriously unscrewing the breaker panel to gain entry.

479ON LUTHOR-- for a moment, he is shook up.

LUTHOR He's early. What's his rush?

ALBERT (scared) We're alone! Those four said Midnight! He'll hurt us!

Luthor starts backing towards a tunnel:

LUTHOR Think I'll go for a walk.

But suddenly, his attention is arrested by what he sees on the TV:


The TV screen on which we SEE Clark-Superman unscrewing the last screw as we HEAR Luthor exclaim:

LUTHOR (O.S.) (startled) A screwdriver? All of a sudden he's got respect for property? (as C.S. removes breaker panel) What happened to the old razzle dazzle? (as C.S. picks up firecrackers) What now?

ALBERT (O.S.) (helpful) Firecrackers. I believe.

LUTHOR (O.S.) I know that, Albert. I just don't know what. . .

As Clark-Superman takes out a book of matches, we HEAR a sudden exultant cry from Luthor.


very excited.

LUTHOR (Eureka!) Ah, but I do know! I do know! (excitedly) It's the machine!

THREE SHOT - A tiny, but significant pause while Lex waits for their appreciation and they regard him blankly.

LUTHOR (impatiently) That machine at his place.. Y'know? Y'know? (to Eve) You thought it was the ladies' room, and I told you it was a molecular restructuring thing? Well, the flying fool must have put himself through it. (it's delicious, triumphantly) And he's not flying anymore! He's lost his powers! He went and restructured his molecules!


EVE But why would he. . .

LUTHOR (snappish) How do I know, Miss Teschmacher? I'm not his shrink. Thank God. (happy again) Ours is not to reason why, ours just to enjoy, enjoy.

ON LUTHOR. Gleefully, practically rubbing his hands together, he sinks into a great regal armchair to enjoy, enjoy what is to come.

LUTHOR Boys and girls, get ready for the greatest show on earth!



Clark-Superman removes the breaker panel and then, just before he jumps to the room below, lights and drops the firecrackers.



A pitiful son et lumiere show. The firecrackers BANG and in the little puff of smoke, Clark-Superman lands in a fierce pose like an ordinary guy trying to act like Superman (viz. George Reeves). Striking an heroic pose.

CLARK-SUPERM.AN (the deep phony voice again) All right, Luthor. what are you trying to pull?

WIDE SHOT as Clark-Superman strides towards Luthor.

LUTHOR (enjoying) And what are you trying to pull -- my leg?



Clark-Superman stops in his tracks, confused One last try:

CLARK-SUPERMAN (the deep voice; warningly) The jig is up, Luthor!

LUTHOR (to Eve and Albert) Cheap shtick ! Do you believe it? The fella does impressions. (to Clark-Superman) Can you do Cagney? That's my favorite. (doing it himself) 'You dirty rats. . . ' (himself again and sneering) Your act needs work, kid. And you could start by taking the price tag off your tochis.

ON SUPERMAN: A confused and embarrassed Superman, feeling around and indeed finding the price tag still dangling. Humiliated, he pulls it off, tosses it angrily on the floor.

ON LUTHOR : rising from his chair now.

LUTHOR (contemptuously) You're Superman, huh? Okay, try this. Feed the pets.

He gestures towards the alligator tank. ON SUPERMAN: confused, looking at the tank.

ON LUTHOR: an evil grin.

LUTHOR Feed 'em your foot. (scornfully) You're not Superman anymore than I am. Probably less.

An inspiration. TRACK WITH him as he crosses quickly to a wall where hangs a pair of heraldic crossed swords, part of the rococo decor of the lair. He seizes one and whirls around to confront Clark-Superman.



LUTHOR I think I'll cut you down to size.

He begins backing him into the hall, toward the alligator tank.

WIDE SHOT: Albert and Eve flattened fearfully against a far wall as, in f. g. Luthor and Clark-Superman square off and circle each other warily.

LUTHOR (brandishing the sword) Have at you!


Waving the sword "wildly, but with some menace, he is backing Clark-Superman towards the alligator tank. Feinting, ducking, Superman climbs the ladder. Luthor in pursuit.

LUTHOR (doing all the moves) Thrust! Parry! bullseye!

And he hurls the sword right at Clark-Superman. It WHISTLES through the air.

ON CLARK-SUPERMAN, feinting at the last moment. The sword misses him by an inch and sticks, quiveringly, in the wall behind him. They move onto the ledge, above the tank.

WIDE SHOT: And now the advantage is with Clark, who advances on Luthor ready to try throwing a merely mortal punch. But Luthor immediately begins shadow-boxing, darting quick blows at Clark-Superman. Surprised, Clark-Superman can only keep ducking and feinting. Luthor stops abruptly; they are at a standoff.

LUTHOR (to Albert) Well. Albert, it looks like we won't. . . (a wildly significant look) Play ball. Y'know? (as Albert looks blank) Y'know?? The light dawns in Albert's face and he nods quickly.



TIGHT TWO SHOT: Luthor and Clark-Superman facing each other. Clark-Superman looking frustrated and humiliated , Luthor smiling mockingly at him.

LUTHOR Big mistake, pal. Because it's the bottom of the ninth for you.

WIDE SHOT: And Albert is now creeping up the ledge behind Clark-Superman, wielding a baseball bat.

LUTHOR (still smiling) And Lex Luthor has last licks!
Posted by Jessie the Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
I just watched Superman again the other day. My favorite one of the bunch is definately #2. I like the villans. I mean the special effects actually look real. Not like all of the CG stuff these days. These are characters that along with acting and special effects really stand out to me. I love the way they handle the destruction scenes in Metropolis also.

The toughest scene for me to watch is when Lois gets buried in her car, I still can't watch that scene for some reason. I think it traumatized me as a child or something.

I don't think that the new Superman is going to do Christopher Reeve justice at all. He will always be Superman to me...RIP big guy!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Watched Superman last night and it was awesome!
I can´t remember when was the last time i saw it but it was ages ago.

I love the story and the special effects are fantastic.
I would´ve loved to see more Smallville scenes (and no i´m not going to see the series, it´s not the same)
Those scenes were shot in Canada which was a shock.

Chris Reeve is the one and only Superman
and oh boy, was Valerie Perrine (Miss Teschmacher) hot or what!?


I have the 4 dvd package and it is a great set.
I checked out the original The Making of Superman: The Movie (1980)
and the three part documentary Taking Flight: The Development of Superman, Making Superman: Filming the Legend and
The Magic Behind the Cape.
Priceless stuff!

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