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Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
Help in walmart on lunchbreak...20 mins left...came across the movie 10 w Dudley Moore for $5 smackers... Never saw it!.. Do I purchase??
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
don't do it! you can watch it for free on ondemand right now....
Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
Too late! Thanks for responding tho Muffy! I won't remove the shrink it on OnDemand & if I don't like it, take it back! Does it have repeatability? Did you like it? I think I'm feeling a Dudley Moore phase brewing...the good stuff tho!
Posted by Crash (Member # 7484) on :
Just about everybody likes "10," so the odds are with you, Ms. Mancini, that you will like it too. It's also one of those iconic movies that you probably need in your all-encompassing, completist collection of films. That said, I'm fairly lukewarm on it. I think that it's pretty overrated. Dudley Moore, whom I always loved, is much funnier in other stuff, writer/director Blake Edwards did much funnier stuff, and Bo Derek, well, she never did anything for me. Then again, it does feature Ravel's "Bolero" on the soundtrack. That's great. [Smile]

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Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
Just recently re-watched "10" on Blu-ray. Iconic film - very funny at times, and obviously Bo Derek was extremely hot in the film - her hairstyle was also fairly unique on a blonde woman in the late 1970's. Dudley Moore was funny as always, and there was some great piano playing here.

I was a little kid when this film was first released, and way too young to see this at the time. I remember catching glimpses of it on network TV in the '80's (heavily edited, of course), and being intrigued.

However, now that I'm in my mid-40's I can really "understand" the film a lot more - i.e., a middle aged guy lusting after a hot woman in her 20's is a lot more relatable to me now than it was as a kid [Wink]

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