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Posted by TNUC (Member # 3594) on :
Hey dudes + dudettes......also posted this in the 80s forum...

Wondering if you guys could lend a hand. I'm putting together a music video for an artist who's new song has a very late-70s/80s vibe (think synthesizers + guitars + disco). Currently i'm in the process of combing through 80s movies in search of "driving" scenes where people are on their way to the woods, lake, campsite, beach, cabin, etc. So far sitting in front of me I have Sleepaway Camp, The Burning, all the Friday the 13th's and Creepshow 2 (The Raft). I desperately need scenes where teenagers are driving, on their way to the lake/woods and maybe smoking a doobie or something. You guys were a GREAT help for my last video and i'd really appreciate hearing some suggestions + recommendations!

Doesn't need to be horror. Heck, just listen to the song and throw me some ideas. I'm sure once you hear it you'll pick up the vibe i'm going for. Thank you!


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