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Posted by Jan_Balk_i (Member # 9859) on :
I posted this on the 80s page but got no responses so I am trying my luck here. I saw this movie in the early 1980's. I really thought it was an 80's film, but could have been made in the 70's...What I remember is very sketchy.

I remember, a woman being coerced to go on vacation (she didnt want to go, didnt want to leave her son who was about 5-10 yrs old, I think) by another woman, maybe her friend or sister. She ended up going on the vacation alone. When she got to the place, a resort of some kind, it was being run by her ex (not sure if it was husband or just lover) but he was the son's father and he didnt know about the son. He could have also owned the island/resort or whatever the vacation spot was. Other vacationers were also vacationing with smaller love stories thrown in. They ended up rekindling their love.

I remember she had to get there by boat and when she got there, as she got off the boat she spotted the ex and so she tried to get back on the boat to leave but the boat driver wouldnt let her, so she hid from him, managed to get to her room, and was planning to hide out in there, but she eventually had to go out for food...

I also remember a dance scene where two other vacationers were dancing and the girl was taller than the guy and the guy laid his head on her shoulders (the reverse of "normal" movie scenes).

....sounds really girlie and soap opera like but it was a movie...any clues...anybody?
I really need to find this movie...Im going crazy with the search for it.
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
I'm taking a guess here, but how about Club Med (1986), a made-for-tv movie starring Linda Hamilton ?

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