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Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
1.) The first movie concerns *a class of fembots* that rebels against its masters on a space station, situated in deep-space. One such fembot escapes with the help of a former "client" of "hers", who didn't actually... "utilised" her. [Smile]


2.) The second one is about *a group of pseudo-aliens* or... *humans from the future* who show themselves via a pentacle-like hologram on the night sky, above a Southern town, in the U.S. Naturally, the local heroes pull the plug on this scam. [Razz]

3.) The third... is a bit trickyer. [Frown] It revolves around a Hippie-like group of anti-war militants, who's descendents *inherit the Earth*. [Razz] A Saturn-like Earth because it now has *rings*! [Smile] )) And this is due either to the war or... to a comet, but I think that the first option is more viable. And they - the hippsters - sit around on meadows, in circles... [Razz]

N.B. NO correlations *whatsoever* to the following titles: "THX-1138", "Logan's Run", "Android", "Saturn 3", "Beyond Reality - Return Visit (episode)", and/or "Zardoz".

THANK YOU! [Big Grin]

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Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
No one?.. [Frown]
Posted by harry2 (Member # 7645) on :
1. Logans Run ?
Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
Originally posted by harry2:
1. Logans Run ?

Nope... [Razz] Watched it a year ago... for the third time; not *it*. [Big Grin]
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
'Android'? 'Cherry 2000'? Just throwing them out there.

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