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Posted by Libelula (Member # 9665) on :
This has been driving me nuts for over 30 years.

All I remember about this movie are 2 images:
1. The young-guy protagonist, who is on some sort of quest for something, has to pass through a gap in a cliff-side. Lodged in the gap is a huge, moving block of rock (moving up and then slamming down), and he has to pass underneath it without getting squished.
2. At some point, he's in maybe a cave or something, and there's a flame or other light between a pair of large, sculpted hands.
I think he might have taken the flame (or whatever) from between them.

This movie would have been released in 1974 or later, but most likely before 1977 (I tend to view things as pre or post Star Wars).

It's probably an epically bad movie, but I just want to know what it WAS.
Anyone? Anyone?
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
I believe there was a flame taking in the movie 'Krull', but I'm not sure how well that fits your request.
Posted by Libelula (Member # 9665) on :
Thanks, Logan, but "Krull" was actually from the 80's. This one is WAAAY more obscure, and probably not even half as good. Thanks, though!
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
I'll throw out another couple; 'Archer and the Sorceress' and 'She'.

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