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Posted by autumn_grace (Member # 9574) on :
I was born in the 1990 but i had a video of a film or TV series which i believe must have been older. i hve tried searching on the internet but seeing as i am not entirely sure when it came out i havent been successful.
the film/show is a children's animated film. All the characters are dinosaurs. i remember it to have been one and he had a friend - they were young not adult and i remember in one episode there was a very old dinosaur which was very large and sleeping and had glasses - i am quite sure the plot was specifically about these spectacles as i thin k the young dinosaur found them in the fog and didn't realize that he took them from the old sleeping dinosaur as he couldn't see him.
i only have a few vague memories but i know that i absolutely loved it!! i know that i had it when i was quite young - no older than 6 i don't think but i have searched every 1990's children's film i can think of and drawn a blank. i have began researching 80'f cartoon dinosaur films but so far no look- this is why i am begining to think it may be as early as the 70's???
any suggestions as to the name of it or any other sites i can look at to aid my searches would be very very much appreciated.
Posted by P a u l (Member # 1022) on :
Obvious ones to search through are any of the Land Before Time movies, or if ot's a tv show, then Dinosaurs is the one that most readily springs to mind.
Posted by autumn_grace (Member # 9574) on :
no ive tried those, although i did used to enjoy Land Before Time, it was never my favorite.
Posted by Colt 45 (Member # 4940) on :
The movie that you are describing is called 1973. It is a show about a little girl and her horse. Her horse drowns in the river and then the little girl gets testical cancer and then joins the Luxembourg Navy after which she has a nervous breakdown and ends up in the psycho center.

The next scene has her dancing and singing a bunch of 'do wop' type songs which is very freeking annoying. After this she goes home and eats rotten soup and plays with match box cars and at the end of the movie she ends up with a mohawk like haircut, for which she is charged a ridiculous 75 dollers for.

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