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Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Coach (1978)


When Olympic Gold medalist Randy Rawlings is hired as a high school basketball coach, her new employers were not aware that she is would be a woman. After Randy forces them to honor their agreement, the school principal does everything he can to make her fail. Randy overcomes the doubters and  succeeds in creating a winning team among other things..

We discussed other movies such as "My Tutor" and "Private Lessons" recently, but for me the best and most fun movie to enter the student/teacher terrority is "Coach".  As a person that has played sports my entire life with a passion for basketball, watching "Coach" as a teenager was a blast.  

The chemistry between Cathy Lee Crosby and Michael Biehn seemed genuine and rather sexy from the viewpoint of a teenager.  Watching it again on the Too Cool For School DVD set was not quite the same, but still an enjoyable link to the past.

Okay.. for anyone that has seen "Coach" they will probably remember gawky Ned and the meaning of "Jabberwalky".
Posted by Richman1234 (Member # 8773) on :
You might want to include the "The Teacher " I believe 1970 with Angel Tomkins. Though not as good as "The Coah" Cathy Lee Crosby as you might know would go on to Tri-Host, "That's Incredible"
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Thanks Richman.. also don't forget that Cathy Lee Crosby was Wonder Woman in the movie. Linda Carter is now iconic because she took over for the tv series. I prefer Cathy Lee .. probably because of "Coach".


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