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Posted by tjbronson1 (Member # 1961) on :
I remember a film from my youth where there was a group of kids who thought they had discovered a monster or creature of some sort in a lake, or river(you get the idea) but then it was found to be a crane type vehicle that was making all the bubbles and noises from the water. I also remember an old man who i think lived by the waters edge. im not sure about this but i think the kids called the monster `donkeygine` or something like that meaning donkey engine! im sorry i cant give more info but this could be a real challenge to all yous movie buffs out there. Hope you can help....Tommy.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Oh it's at the tip of my tongue! Henry Thomas is in it. I bet if you do a search for Henry Thomas at the movie will show up in his film credits! I'd do it for you but my computer is running kinda slow today. Hope this helps!
Posted by sam hain2 (Member # 1964) on :
Perhaps "The Quest"????

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