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Posted by satya (Member # 1589) on :
yet another movie i have a vague memory of that i would like to find the title to...however as this all seems to be an 80's specialty place, and i only remember one vague scene so my chances might not be good again(though so far you've all been able to help me every time)...
THis movie seemed like it was from the late 70's or maybe early 80's...if i had to guess i might say '75-' i don't think it's a very famous movie..but the scene i remember is in a high school and it's a group of guys standing around in the hall, and they're talking about some new girl in high school, and this one guy who seems the desperate virgin type says how she "has a body like a slut" and then this girl walks by and smiles at them, and he exclaims how she just smiled at him and how he'd "like to have dep meaningful sex with her"....for some reason i remember those exact all seems sort of raunchy and seems to follow the 70's teen high school sex film category...

can anyone help?...
Posted by TKO (Member # 1471) on :
This line sounds familiar to me from two movies...

'Christine' 1983 maybe?

Bemis: "She smiled at me. I want to have deep, meaningful sex with her."

I can't remember the other movie though, and that's a shame cause I have the feeling I saw this one just recently. [Frown]

I'm almost certain that it is an 80's movie.
Perhaps you could try the 80's message board for your question. [Wink]
Posted by TKO (Member # 1471) on :
I checked it this weekend, it's definitely ' Christine' [Smile]

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