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Posted by leopardpantsmoodlipstick (Member # 916) on :
I was born in early the 70's.What do you think of that soda commercial about Ozzy Osbournes kids that turn into Donnie and Marie? I think it is hysterical. Have you seen it yet? Did any of you watch little house on the prarie? Giligan's island? Happy Days? What about the million dollar man or the incredible hulk?
How about "thats incredible" Or P.M. magazine? Soo many more......
Posted by eightiesdude (Member # 752) on :
Oh my you made me access a file in my brain. That hasnt seen the light of day when you mentioned PM magazine Please describe more about that show so i can remember it more.

I remember the 70s as being fun as well for me the mid 70s and the late 70s were really fun. I played with my atari and those hand held led sports games ( I had the Coleco Electronic Qb). The tv shows were great and i can remember going to my first movies by myself in 1975.

Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
I used to watch 'That's Incredible' every Saturday night at 6.30pm. Was it Cathy Lee Crosby???and two other dudes. Steve Austin was one of the first 'men' I ever had a crush on, so yes I loved 6 million $ man. [Big Grin] Did you ever watch Dukes of Hazard??Bo Duke used to really do it for me...what about BJ & the Bear???Can anyone tell me any more about this show...I can BEARLY remember it. Logan's Run was another one and what about Buck Rogers! Oh my God!, I just remembered Battlestar Gallatica, was that 80's though? Yeah I'm getting off track here..but I just remembered Alivin Purple, anyone see this??? It was a really raunchy aussie comedy where Alvin was irresistable to all women and they couldn't keep from shagging him. OK I'll stop now..... Wait, What about 'The Banana Splits!'.....
Posted by leopardpantsmoodlipstick (Member # 916) on :
Hey guys thanks for responding. Its about time... [Big Grin] ha ha. I remember the guy in P.M. magazine who went around from restaurant to restaurant eating meals and then rating how it was with gold forks. Do you remember that Eightiesdude? The show was on at about 8 pm every night during the week i think.I just remembered i liked to watch the show alot.Do you remeber anything about it? Also Akita yes i loved the Dukes of Hazzard.Boss Hog,Rosco peko train hew hew. Is that what he said? I wanted to be Daisy Duke.I would of liked to cruise the town in that car with them Duke boys. [Wink] I can't say i ever heard of Alivin purple but i have had a banana split or two at Friendly's. [Razz] Tell me more guys...I want to hear more....
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Yes, I also wanted to be Daisy Duke too..Thinking back I think that show inspired a love of fast cars (and bad boys). I would never miss an episode of Little House on the Prarie. The school house ones featuring Miss????remember the blonde teacher? And lets not forget Nelly! My mother and father-in-law are just like Mr & Mrs Olsen. Never really liked Gilligans Island, loved The Brady Bunch of course. Charlies Angels was 70's hey? I remember playing them when I was in primary school. I was always Sabrina...I'm proud of my choice today!!! We all can't be Kellys or Jills. Tell me more guys.... [Smile]

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