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Author Topic: 1988........For those that remember?
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So if you were a teen in 1988 tell me what was the main topics of discussion i.e films, fashion, stars?

I love that year, too bad i was too young to take it all in!

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Devolution here,

13 in 1988. In NYC, hip hop and rap started to get big. Films were great. Trying to remember some of the movies I saw.


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Wow, what a question. I turned 16 in August 1988 and was in Year 11 at High School. The biggest topics I remember from that year were -

The Australian Bi-Centenial
Young Einstein
Crocodile Dundee 2
Kylie Minogue
Desert Boots
Lots of hair gel
A weird fad of wearing two watches
Stutter Rap
Acid wash jeans
Fluorescent stripes on white shirts
Jimmy Barnes
Bananarama (they rule!)

1988 was an interesting year for me at high school. After years of being left out, I suddenly found myself getting attention from the popular kids in the school and I was torn between joining them, or sticking with my small but loyal group of friends. Thank god I made the right decision and went off with the cool kids - only kidding! I stayed with my tight friends and never regretted it. I'm still in contact with most of them. One lives around the corner from me, and I spent yesterday afternoon with another friend from the old days and her husband.

What's funny is that in 1999 we had our 10 year anniversary and most of the "cool kids" were pitiful. Remember "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion"? It was kinda like that. It was all about artifice and was very easy to see through.

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1988 was when Tom Cruise ruled the box office with movies like "Rain Man" and "C.ocktail". Eddie Murphy was "Coming To America" and we figured out "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". We got to glimpse at a more serious side of soon to be box office golden boy Tom Hanks in the movie "Big". Not to forget such movies as "Die Hard", "Twins", "Beetlejuice", "Working Girl", "Bull Durham", and one of your favs "License To Drive".

My favorite year will always be 1987, but 1988 rocked as well.

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I was 20 in 1988.

I remember Kokomo being the big hit-from the movie C0cktail.

I try and remember back to what I was doing that year, and who I was friends with and what we did for fun, like what movies we were going to see and what we were listening to.

I also think the song Angel by Aerosmith was big then, and Father Figure by George Michael.

I remember seeing these movies when I was on dates in 1988: The Seventh Sign, The Serpant and the Rainbow, Twins, Casual Sex?,
and Rainman.

1988-was probably my least favorite year of the 80's.

This is my list of favorite years, in order from top favorite to last:


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This is a good topic [Smile] . I turned 13 in August of 1988. The movie Dirty Dancing, along with the soundtracks, was still huge. I remember listening to alot of Richard Marx. I also remember that alot of my clothes were Espirit and Op (Ocean Pacific). 1987-1988 was a time when all I did was go to slumber parties and pool parties. The summer was great, just eating popcicles and watching scary movies with my friends all night long. It was like every weekend I was either at one of my girlfriend's houses or they were at mine. It was sooo much fun. 1987-1988 was one of, if not the best, years in my life. I have nothing but the greatest memories!
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I just found some pictures from my college years that I couldn't find. I was a junior in college in '88. I can remember going to formals and getting all dressed up, with my extra large hair. I think for New Year's going into 1988, I crimped my hair with one of those crimping irons.
Fashions- A lot of mini skirts, and in the winter we wore them with a nice sweater or blouse, and a lot of high spiked heels.
Does anyone remember those sweater that were so popular that had the tag in the back onthe outside- I can't remember what the brand name was. Alot of the preppies wore them
Music- I remember listening to GnR Appetite for Destruction nonstop (I know- it was released a year earlier, but it was still being played on constant rotation on the radio)
I also remember that MTV still played videos back then!
Stars- I guess Tom Cruise would be one of the most popular stars from the 80's, unfortunately. I thought he was bat**** back then, now the real truth has finally come out and everyone sees what he's really like.

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I was born in ' the end of the 80's! (kicks herself for not being born in the 70's, so she could experience the super-cool 80's)
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Cindy and Valley-It is so weird that you guys like 1987 so much. I said 1985 was my favorite, because I was still in high school, and that year was when I had my first real boyfriend, and every weekend we were out doing stuff and having so much fun with my friends, but 1987- I got my first real apartment, moved 6 hours away from my home, to Richmond, VA...and I absolutely loved it. We had the most awesome apartment, with a swimming pool, and hot tub, and sunken living room with a fireplace, me and my roomate had our own bedrooms, it was decorated so cool, we had awesome furniture, but only had a black & white Tv- and we stayed up watching MTV all night long. We met so many people, we joined a gym and we would go there and sit in the sauna-and then go over to "I Can't believe it's yogurt", and we walked everywhere. My roommate and I would lay out on our balcony, and go to the pool on our days off, at night we would walk to the playground. We had so many friends that would hang at our apartment. That year was craziness when it came to guys...and dating, and we just had a total blast then. 1987-I remember the most on the clothing, because we dressed up for work every day, and I wore tank top dresses with blazers, and wore big belts and high heels. I wore army green pants and a black shirt and black high heels. I wore black spandex leotards with big sweaters, and black high heeled boots. I wore denim boots and denim blazers. I loved this sailor outfit that my roommate had, it had like this cool jacket and matching mini skirt, and it was white and navy blue and I wore white high heels with it.
I had this really tight fitted tan skirt I wore with this navy blue and tan striped shirt-I loved it.
I wore black pants with this green satin shirt that had these long tails hanging down the back, and I wore it with my black boots.
I would kill to have my clothes back. I remember going to the movies, and I would dress up...I had a white mini skirt, and I wore it with a red short sleeved V-neck sweater, and red high heels- it was one of my favorite outfits. I barely ever wore jeans then. I wore high heels even with capri pants back then...I had a pair of capri's that were jeans, that had little squares on them, and they had slits up the side, and I would wear them with a buttoned up short sleeved shirt, that was really long, and I wore a big belt with it, and white high heels.
I had a pair of shorts that were bibs, and I would wear a white short sleeved shirt under it, and I had a pair of gold earrings my high school boyfriend gave me, that I loved, and I had this tan sweater that had a v-neck, and I had a pair of cut off jeans I wore with that sweater...and I loved it so the summer when you get a tan, and you could dress real cute.

I just do not understand why those styles don't come back, they were so cute.

I watched the movie Piranha last night, and it was from the late 70's, and I loved the outfit the girl had on at the was just a v-neck styled shirt...but you can't find them like that any more, and she had shorts on, and she had a gold chain on it, and it just was really cute. But, it was just a simple outfit.

Finding clothes to wear is a nightmare.

I have 2 satin jackets I wore in 1987. One was turquoise, and I wore it with white pants and a white t-shirt, and white high heels, and I have my pink one which I wore with black spandex and black high heels.

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Glad you guys like the topic but just one last question about this year.........

Was it Corey-mania yet, lol?

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1988 was the year I got married.....
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Yeah it was, because I saw The Lost Boys in 1987-at the movies, and I think that is when the Coreymania was at it's peak, cause with that and Liscense to Drive, I think those were their best 2 movies.
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I love 85 cuz that's when The Goonies came out. [Smile]
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OK, my memories of 1988...

I turned 6 that year. I graduated from kindergarten on June 15 with reasonable marks, one of the last times grades would be of no consequence to me. This marked the first time we'd celebrate a graduation by eating at a local ice cream house, which quickly became a tradition up till graduation. During 1st grade I first met my best friend. It was also the year I discovered I liked miniature golfing. The two courses we frequented the most at that time (one of them an irregular 21-holer) have sadly been torn down since.

My moviegoing experiences began that year as well. I can remember the excitement in July as we drove up to the drive-in to see Roger Rabbit; to me this looked from the previews to be a dream picture, and it did not disappoint one bit. My first actual trip inside a theater in December was less fortunate, as the feature was Mac and Me, and I was far more interested in the Woody Woodpecker short they played before it; fortunately for my nerves we walked out halfway through.

Summer seemed especially hot that year, maybe nostalgia. I recall us tacking sheets in the doorways to keep the cold air in. During weekdays during the season my mother would take me to the town pool to cool off, as we wouldn't get our own pool until 1990. I stayed firmly in the shallow end, only daring to approach the dividing rope if she was with me.

On TV it was mostly cartoons and gameshows for me. I'd never gotten into morning shows with adults acting like 2 year olds with people in dopey costumes that I'd been made to watch earlier (namely Romper Room and NE PA legend Hatchy Milatchy), so available mornings (since I had a.m. kindergarten)either swung back and forth between Nickelodeon's lineup at the time (namely The Little Prince and the Little Koala and David the Gnome) or the network's game show schedules, Scrabble, Card Sharks, and Classic Concentration being favorites. 11 a.m. automatically meant I turned to CBS for the daily TPIR airing, and in October of '88 I tried to write Television City and request a berth in contestant's row. Afternoons meant Duck Tales (that year with a plug for Mickey's 60th birthday celebration affixed after the credits, I recall), the Real Ghostbusters, and the Super Mario Brothers show, among others, and before I was voluntarily sent to bed at 8, Wheel of Fortune (I think it was '88 when they finally realized the contestants always chose RSTLNE for the bonus round and decided to give those away free). Fall of '88 marked the introduction of my very favorite Saturday morning schedule with ABC's still admirable lineup (Flintstone Kids 8-8:30, New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 8:30-9:30, RGB 9:30-10:30, Pup Named Scooby-Doo 10:30-11 (although I'd have to tune into the Philadelphia station to get it, as the local ABC affiliate would run the unappealing Dr. Fad show), Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show 11-12).

Weekends would be just my father and I every other week when my mother would work the 3-11 shift in those days and my sister would take the opportunity to sleep over our grandparents. Often we'd eat at a nice old time hot dog restaurant in town, and then if it was the summer go out golfing. If it was winter, we'd probably just rent a film from the local store.

1988 also marked my first introduction to the gridiron, and while I've never played (I'd never last out there for 50-60 minutes), I haven't stopped analyzing ever since. I got to see about half the high school's games that fall, including 3 road games, and watched them go an inspiring 0-11, the first but not the last time they'd sadly do so during my time in the district. On New Year's Eve of 1988 I also managed to watch a pro game through to the end for the first time--and that happened to be the Fog Bowl. It rarely got more surreal than that, watching the screen and seeing only a vast expanse of white and having to guess what was going on down there and wondering why they were even bothering going on with it. As a person who bleeds Eagle green, it is a little somber thinking about what might have been had the fog not rolled into the Windy City. While there's certainly no guarantee they would have clinched it, seeing how they would have then had to get by first a powerful 49ers franchise with its core Hall of Famers at full strength and then the Ickey-Shuffling Bengals who came within a minute of winning it all, in hindsight that was probably that group's best chance of going all the way when Randall and the Gang Green gang were young and ascending. So I still have to wait...

There's probably more of 1988 I remember, but that's the basics.

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I was a freshman in High School, rather was going to be one in the fall of '88. It is really funny because I don't specifically remember too much about '88, or rather the summer of '88.
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'88 was one heck of a year. Hell, I don't have many complaints with much of the 80's at all. There are a few things that I am surprised no one mentioned yet.

Talk about being huge, look at the Nintendo Entertainment System. Could you find anything that was as hot as this? If memory serves me right, Zelda II was released during this year as a fitting sequel to The Legend of Zelda.

As was mentioned by another individual, Duck Tales was the bomb. Wow! Today is the first time in 29years that I ever said something was the bomb. Nickelodeon and its game shows were quite the rage as well. Who didn't like Double Dare and Finders Keepers? Prime time had Dallas and Miami Vice. Lets not forget the WWF along with the Hulkster.

When I think of movies, Halloween made a resurgance with The Return of Michael Myers. Fri the 13th and Elm St were also continuing their popularity. 88 was a great year for movies.

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I was 12 in 1988 (turned 13 in December of that year). I was in my 2nd year at school and remember that year as a bit of a disaster for fashion, well here in North London! Girls were wearing way too much make up at parties (cos they werent allowed to wear virtually anything at school, so they'd save the make up for weekends!) Us guys were just starting to wear our hippy look clothing inspired by the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets etc. Acid house was coming in.... AAAACCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
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