Repo Man (1984)

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Standard Edition CD

 Soundtrack Song Tracks

Edition Standard Edition CD
Country USA
Status Out of Print
Release Date 12 Oct 1993
Publisher Fontana Mca
List Price $9.98
New $8.23 Save 18%
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CD List of Tracks
01   Repo Man - Iggy Pop
02   TV Party - Black Flag
03   Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies
04   Coup d'Etat - The Circle Jerks
05   Clavo y la Cruz - The Plugz
06   Pablo Picasso - Burning Sensations
07   Let's Have a War - Fear
08   When the Shit Hits the Fan - The Circle Jerks
09   Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) - The Plugz
10   Bad Man - Juicy Bananas
11   Reel Ten - The Plugz

CD Release Content
Content Soundtrack Song Tracks
      • Various Artists

CD Release Info
There Are 1 CD(s) in Package
CD is Standard Edition

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