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  Ladyhawke (1985)

 Soundtrack Instrumental Score

Edition 2 Disc Limited Edition CD
Country USA
Status Out of Print
Release Date 10 Feb 2015
Publisher La-La Land Records

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« CD List of Tracks
01   Main Title - Andrew Powell
02   Phillipe's Escape From Dungeon - Andrew Powell
03   Phillipe's Escape Through Sewer - Andrew Powell
04   The Search For Phillipe - Andrew Powell
05   Navarre At Sunset - Andrew Powell
06   Tavern Fight / Phillipe - Andrew Powell
07   Tavern Fight / Navarre - Andrew Powell
08   Navarre's Saddlebag - Andrew Powell
09   Navarre Dreams Of Isabeau - Andrew Powell
10   Pitou's Woods - Andrew Powell
11   Marquet's Return To Aquila (Part I) - Andrew Powell
12   Phillipe Describes Isabeau - Andrew Powell
13   Marquet's Return To Aquila (Part II) - Andrew Powell
14   Bishop's Garden - Andrew Powell
15   "Navarre Has Returned" - Andrew Powell
16   Monks' Chant In Bishop's Garden - Andrew Powell
17   Isabeau Chases A Rabbit - Andrew Powell
18   Navarre's Sunrise/ Phillipe's Capture - Andrew Powell
19   Navarre Is Ambushed / Hawk Injured - Andrew Powell
20   Phillipe And Imperius Enter Abbey - Andrew Powell
21   Phillipe Discovers Isabeau's Secret# - Andrew Powell
22   Imperius Removes Arrow From Isabeau# - Andrew Powell
23   The Bishop Interviews Cezar - Andrew Powell
24   "You Must Save This Hawk" - Andrew Powell
25   Chase Up The Turret / Isabeau's Fall (Part II)** # - Andrew Powell
26   Isabeau's Transformation - Andrew Powell
27   Isabeau Flies Free - Andrew Powell
28   Navarre And Imperius - Andrew Powell
29   Navarre And Phillipe Leave The Abbey# - Andrew Powell
30   Wedding Party - Andrew Powell
31   Navarre's Transformation# - Andrew Powell
32   Wedding Dance - Andrew Powell
33   Cezar's Woods - Andrew Powell
34   "She Was Sad At First" - Andrew Powell
35   Navarre Rides To Aquila - Andrew Powell
36   Phillipe And Imperius - Andrew Powell
37   Wolf Trapped In Ice Pool# - Andrew Powell
38   Navarre And Isabeau's Dual Transformation - Andrew Powell
39   Navarre Sees Phillipe's Wounds - Andrew Powell
40   Return To Aquila - Andrew Powell
41   Phillipe's Return Through Sewer - Andrew Powell
42   Bishop's Procession Chant I - Andrew Powell
43   Bishop's Procession Chant II - Andrew Powell
44   The Service Begins (Part I) - Andrew Powell
45   Navarre's Instruction To Kill Isabeau - Andrew Powell
46   The Service Begins (Part II) - Andrew Powell
47   Navarre Enters The Cathedral - Andrew Powell
48   Navarre And Marquet Cathedral Fight - Andrew Powell
49   Marquet's Death - Andrew Powell
50   Isabeau Appears - Andrew Powell
51   Bishop's Death - Andrew Powell
52   The Final Reunion / End Titles - Andrew Powell
53   Chase Up The Turret / Isabeau's Fall (Part I) - Andrew Powell
54   Chase / Fall / Transformation (Album Version) - Andrew Powell
55   Phillipe Discovers Isabeau's Secret - Andrew Powell
56   Imperius Removes Arrow From Isabeau - Andrew Powell
57   Navarre And Phillipe Leave The Abbey (Alternate Mix) - Andrew Powell
58   Navarre's Transformation (Alternate Mix) - Andrew Powell
59   Wolf Trapped In Ice Pool - Andrew Powell
60   Phillipe's Jewel* - Andrew Powell
61   End Titles (Standalone Version) - Andrew Powell
62   (Spot 01)–Radio Bed A–30 - Andrew Powell
63   (Spot 02)–Radio Bed A–30 - Andrew Powell
64   (Spot 03)–Radio Bed B–60 - Andrew Powell
65   (Spot 04)–Radio Bed C–60 - Andrew Powell
66   (Spot 05)–Radio Bed A–60 - Andrew Powell
67   (Spot 06)–Radio Bed B–60 - Andrew Powell
68   (Spot 07)–Radio Bed C–75 - Andrew Powell
69   (Spot 08)–Radio Bed A–90 - Andrew Powell
70   (Spot 10)–Radio Bed B–90 - Andrew Powell
71   (Spot 09)–Radio Bed A–Full - Andrew Powell
72   Ladyhawke Theme (Single Version - Andrew Powell

Note: The highlighted tracks are the ones appearing in Ladyhawke.

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Content Soundtrack Instrumental Score
      • Andrew Powell

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There Are 2 CD(s) in Package
CD is Limited Edition

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« Notes
• Limited edition of 3000 copies

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Ladyhawke (1985) CD

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