Highlander (1986)

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Standard Edition CD

 Relevant Instrumental Score Track(s)

Edition Standard Edition CD
Country USA
Status Out of Print
Release Date 21 Feb 1995
Publisher Edel America
List Price $15.98
New $20.02
Used $1.48 Save 91%
Used $5.98 Save 63%
CD List of Tracks
01   Highlander I : The Highlander Theme - Michael Kamen
02   Rachel's Surprise/Who Wants to Live Forever - Michael Kamen
03   Quickening - Michael Kamen
04   Swordfight at 34th Street - Michael Kamen
05   Under the Garden/The Prize - Michael Kamen
06   Highlander II : Finger Dip - Stewart Copeland
07   Rebel Troops - Stewart Copeland
08   Dam Raid - Stewart Copeland
09   White Cloud - Stewart Copeland
10   Mac Absorbs Reno - Stewart Copeland
11   Shield Shatters/Alan Dies - Stewart Copeland
12   Highlander III : Love Theme/Shrine Fight - J. Peter Robinson
13   Massacre (The Beginning) - J. Peter Robinson
14   Laundry Room/Quickening 2 - J. Peter Robinson
15   Revolution - J. Peter Robinson
16   Final Battle/Quickening 3/Epilogue - J. Peter Robinson

Note: The highlighted tracks are the ones appearing in Highlander.

CD Release Content
Content Relevant Instrumental Score Track(s)
      • Michael Kamen

CD Release Info
There Are 1 CD(s) in Package
CD is Standard Edition

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