Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

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Limited Edition CD

 Soundtrack Instrumental Score

Edition Limited Edition CD
Country USA
Status Out of Print
Release Date 11 10
Publisher La La Land Records
List Price N/A
New $99.99
Used $47.94
Used $72.95
CD List of Tracks
01   Prologue/Dirty Rotten Theme - Miles Goodman
02   Zurich / Ciao - Miles Goodman
03   Pick Yourself Up - J. Kern, D. Fields
04   What A Guy/Lady Fanny - Miles Goodman
05   Putting On The Ritz - Irving Berlin
06   Ruprecht Tang - Miles Goodman
07   We're In The Money - A. Dubin, H. Warren
08   The Bet/Dirty Rotten Roll - Miles Goodman
09   The Cure/Protector Of The Veldt - Miles Goodman
10   Le Donna E Mobile - Miles Goodman
11   Out Of Control - Miles Goodman
12   From Here To Infirmity - Miles Goodman
13   C'est Vrai/Soap Queen - Miles Goodman
14   Maneuvers - Miles Goodman
15   Miracle Of Life - Miles Goodman
16   Janet Airport/Auf Weiderzen - Miles Goodman
17   Coup De Grace/The Jackal - Miles Goodman
18   End Credits - Miles Goodman

CD Release Content
Content Soundtrack Instrumental Score
      • Miles Goodman

CD Release Info
There Are 1 CD(s) in Package
CD is Limited Edition

CD Special Features
 Extended Version / Bonus Tracks
 Booklet / Liner Notes

Editor's Comments: imited Edition of 1200 Units

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