The Color Purple (1985)

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Remastered Edition Album Download

 Soundtrack Songs, Instrumental Score

Edition Remastered Edition Album Download
Country USA
Status Available
Release Date 09 Aug 2005
Publisher Dreamworks / Qwest
List Price N/A
New $15.49
Not Available
Album List of Tracks
01   Overture - Quincy Jones
02   Main Title - Quincy Jones
03   Celie Leaves With Mr. - Quincy Jones
04   Corrine And Olivia - Quincy Jones
05   Nettie Teaches Celie - Quincy Jones
06   The Separation - Quincy Jones
07   Celie and Harpo Grow Up/Mr. Dresses to See Shug - Quincy Jones
08   Careless Love - Quincy Jones
09   Sophia Leaves Harpo - Quincy Jones
10   Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast - Quincy Jones
11   Junk Bucket Blues - Quincy Jones
12   The Dirty Dozens - Quincy Jones
13   Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) - Quincy Jones
14   Don't Make Me No Never Mind - Quincy Jones
15   My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You) - Louis Armstrong And His Hotfive
16   Three On The Road - Quincy Jones
17   Bus Pulls Out - Quincy Jones
18   The First Letter - Quincy Jones
19   Letter Search - Quincy Jones
20   Nettie's Letters - Quincy Jones
21   High Life / Proud Theme - Quincy Jones
22   J.B. King - Quincy Jones
23   Heaven Belongs To You - Quincy Jones
24   Katutoka Corrine - Quincy Jones
25   Celie Shaves Mr./Scarification Ceremony - Quincy Jones
26   I'm Here - Quincy Jones
27   Champagne Train - Quincy Jones
28   Celie's New House / Body And Soul - Quincy Jones / Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra
29   Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Somethin' - Quincy Jones
30   Reunion/Finale - Quincy Jones

Album Release Content
Content Soundtrack Songs, Instrumental Score
      • Various artists

Release Info
Release is Remastered Edition
Tracklist is Same as CD / Vinyl
Available To USA Residents Only

Sound Format
File Format MP3
File Quality 256kbit/s -High
Channels 2.0 (Stereo)

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