Blade Runner (1982)

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Standard SoftCover Book

 Making Of...

Edition Standard SoftCover Book
Country USA
Status Out of Print
Release Date 12 Jun 1996
Publisher Harper Paperbacks
List Price $16.95
New $63.93
Used $4.05 Save 77%
Used $6.53 Save 62%
Book Content
Book Content Making Of...

Book is Standard

Editor's Comments: This is a fantastic book and reference tool, and a must-have for any hard-core Blade Runner (BR) fanatic. It's packed with names, places, dates, fascinating factoids throughout, a trivia cornucopia. But, you've gotta be a serious BR fan to stick with author Paul Sammon all the way through this densely detailed, thorough, and clearly personally meaningful work. The book does have one major flaw: Sammon's failure to prove his subtitle promise that Blade Runner is the most influential sci-fi film of all time.

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