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Learn about the music used in Breakin'...

The music of Breakin' is comprised of the dance music, that really seems to revolve around Ollie & Jerry, whose proper names were Ollie E. Brown and Jerry Knight and the instrumental music by Gary Remal and Michael Boyd. Here you can learn all about the music

The Soundtrack Album CD:
-What is on it?

Below is a list of the tracks used in the first movie. The first section lists the tracks that you would find if you are lucky enough to have a copy of the very rare soundtrack Album/CD, the other section deals with the tracks that were used, but not present on the soundtrack CD.

Read our merchandise section for details of where you might get a soundtrack CD...

Tracks on the soundtrack CD/Record/Tape:

Written by Ollie E. Brown and Jerry Knight
Performed by OLLIE & JERRY
Produced by Ollie E. Brown for Brown Sugar Prod.

Written by The Bar-Kays and Allen A. Jones
Performed by THE BAR-KAYS
Produced by Allen A. Jones Courtesy of Mercury/Polygram Records

Written by Ollie E. Brown and Joe Curiale
Performed by OLLIE & JERRY
Produced by Ollie E. Brown for Brown Sugar Productions Group

Written by Curtis Hudson
Performed by HOT STREAK
Produced by Curtis Hudson and Lisa Stevens Co-Produced and Mixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez Courtesy of Easy Street Records

Written by John Footman and Maxi Anderson
Produced and Mixed by Rod Hui for Rodway Productions

Written by Ollie E. Brown and Jerry Knight
Performed by FIRE FOX
Produced by Ollie E. Brown for Sugar Brown Productions

Written by Dan Hartman and Charlie Midnight
Performed by 3V
Produced by Dan Hartman Remix by John "Jellybean" Benitez

Written by Paul Fishman
Performed by RE-FLEX
Produced by RE-FLEX Courtesy of Capitol/EMI Record

Written by Hawk Worlinkski
Performed by RUFUS with CHAKA KHAN
Produced by Russ Titleman Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.Inc. by arrangement with Warner Special Products

Written by Chris "The Glove" Taylor
Rap by ICE T
Produced by Chris "The Glove" Taylor

Other Music: -What about Tracks used in the movie but not included on the soundtrack album/tape/CD?

Performed by KRAFTWERK
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc. and EMI by arrangement with Warner Special Products and EMI

Performed by AL JARREAU
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc. and WEA International by arrangement with Warner Special Products

Performed by ART OF NOISE
Courtesy of Z.T.T. and island Records

From Claude Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano

"JAZZ CLASS", "FRANCO'S TANGO", "GARAGE DANCE" & "KELLY'S SONG" (Love theme from "Breakin’")
Written/Performed by Gary Remal and Michael Boyd
Score Engineer Samuel Lehmer Russian Hill Recording
Score Synthesis Charles Judge

The "Broom" Scene: -What is the track that was used?

Performed by KRAFTWERK
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc. and EMI by arrangement with Warner Special Products and EMI

Instrumental Music: -What is that music that you hear when Kelly and Franco are training?

The instrumental music is used in such scenes as Franco's dance class was written especially for the movie by Michael Boyd and Gary Remal. It is not present on the soundtrack CD/Tape/Album.

I have not managed to find much about Michael Boyd other than he is a renowned composer of modern music based in San Francisco and has done work on such projects as commercials for Nike, but...

Gary Malkin [AKA: Gary Remal Malkin] Was born and raised in New York, Gary Malkin has been playing the piano since the age of four, composing since twelve, and producing and composing professionally since 1978.

During high school, he studied composition and drama at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan and went on to study piano and composition at USC and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. In addition, Malkin did post-graduate work at San Francisco State University, studied jazz arranging and orchestration with Dick Grove and attended the renowned Ali Akbar College in Northern California, focusing on his interest in ethno- musicology under the tutelage of Ali Akbar Khan.

Malkin's formal training provides a solid foundation for his versatility and continuously evolving style. With elements of orchestral, funk, rhythm and blues, jazz and ethnic world music, his broad musical palette defies categorization.

He is equally comfortable with state-of-the-art computer technology and acoustic instruments, effortlessly blending the two to give his compositions added dimension, depth and emotion.

In his professional career, Malkin has achieved major success as a composer for film and television, with a wide spectrum of credits attesting to his versatility. He has created original music for internationally distributed feature films, network and cable television series and documentaries, and more than 1000 television commercials. He also has contributed his talents to a wide range of causes and socially responsible projects. The quality of Malkin's musical works has not gone unnoticed. He has received a number of prestigious awards. Among them, the highlights include ASCAP Film and Television Awards, four Emmys, a Cine Golden Eagle, a Joey, and grand prizes in Best of the West, the NY Film and Television Awards and the ADDY's.

Driven by an urge to find his own voice of expression, Malkin decided to actively pursue success as a solo artist in the early 1990s. He completed a film soundtrack, Thousand Pieces of Gold, which he felt had potential as a solo project but needed additional music.

The Music of the Great Smoky Mountains was the first album conceived as a solo album from the start and with it, Malkin realized the fulfillment of his childhood dreams -- finding his true identity as a solo artist. This album, third in Real Music's best-selling National Parks Series™, gave Malkin the opportunity to express larger-than-life themes while revisiting some of the most inspirational moments from his past. It proved to be the perfect project, offering inspiration in its themes and addressing the artist's reverence for the earth and the environment. In his expression, Malkin created an album that is both impressionistic and evocative, with a collection of songs that embody the grandeur and heritage to be found in one of America's great wild places.

Although he has embarked upon a new direction as a solo artist, Malkin continues to work in film and television. He is the principal composer and producer of the Remal Music Group, a San Francisco and Los Angeles based company that creates original music for films, television programs and commercials. Malkin currently resides in Mill Valley, Northern California with his wife and daughter.

You can buy newer music By Gary Remal Malkin [but not the Breakin' music] at from where we 'borrowed' the above bio.

Dance & Rap Music: -Who are Ollie & Jerry?

Nothing much seems to be known about these two apart from they had a production company called Brown Sugar Productions that produced several of the key tracks used in both Breakin' and Electric Boogaloo. If you have any info on Ollie & Jerry please contact us.

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