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Links to sites related to the Breakdance Movies.

A Breakin2 -Electric Boogaloo site was found by a reader of this site (God's Stepchild) who mailed in the info. It hasn't really got any content to read but there are some nice pics.

We at the original Breakin' Website are delighted to see that other sites are starting up. We welcome them and send our best wishes for their success

Links to Breakdance Related Sites -The home of modern breakdancing with great content and contacts.

The following table was extracted from the page of Links at -Lots of great links to crews and pages.

4 Elements b-boy lounge     4080 Magazine     Animated Breakdance Battle!  
Aquarius Break Dance     Art Crimes  
AZ B-Boys     B-Boying Dictionary  
B-Boys and Poppers  
babylegz site     Beat Street  
BFS Crew - Slovakia  
Body Rock With Rerun     Bomb Hip Hop  
Break NYC  
Breakdance World     BrEaKeR4LiFe1  
Breakers     Breakin Moves  
Breakin' Central     BSW - Swedish Breakin' Crew     Carl's Oz Breakdancing Page  
Circle B Crew     Colby's Breakdance Animations  
Crazy Ill All Stars     Creeper  
da saga continues     Daka Crew (phat video)  
Dancers Delight     Digital Jungle London Graffiti  
Electric Boogie     elements magazine  
FBI Crew     Floor Master  
Grand Royal With Cheese     Hip Hop Culture Online Australia     History of Breakbeat (and b-boy)  
History of Breakdancing     HiuTang's Moves Page  
How to Break     Khaos Crew  
Killer's Swedish Breakdance  
Kurrupt's Breakdance HQ     Le Monde - [French]     Nate's Bboyin Central  
NightTown (NL)     NYC graf-Soho  
Official Rock Steady Crew Site     Old School  
Phat! Amsterdam Breaking     Pimp Gear  
Power Moves List     Rebirth Hip-Hop eZine  
Rohan Jasani's Breakdance Page     Scandinavian Breakers  
Shape Shifters Crew     Silent Surge Crew  
Smokedawg's Crib     Sneaker Nation  
SonicLuke's Breakin' Moves     South Crew  
SpaceCapital's Poppin' Page     SpaceCapital's Poppin' Page  
Spartanic Rockers - Swiss Breakers     Stern [German]  
Style Elements Crew     Support Online Hip Hop  
The Linoleum Kings     The Mighty MC's  
The Physics of Breakdance  
True B-Girls of the Hip Hop Nation  
UK Breakdance Breakdown     UnderGroundHipHop.Com  

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