Brotherhood of Justice


Did you know that the movie was based on a true story? Well it is! The school that the film is based on is R.L. Paschal High School in Ft. Worth, Tx. The events occurred in March of '85. In real-life, the name of the gang was the "Legion of Doom". There was another movie made for the theaters called "Dangerously Close" that came out a week after "Brotherhood of Justice". There was also a great article in Rolling Stone (Sting is on the cover) in the Fall of '86 about the Legion of Doom that was spot on, according to one of the members. Apparently, when the members of the real-life Legion of Doom were sentenced, they were instructed not to do any books or movies, which is why the actual names and locations were not used in either movie. The part of the movie that is dead on is that these guys were the most popular, had a lot of money and their parents had connections, which is why they did not receive harsh sentences. The movie barely scrapes the surface about what really happened and the Legion of Doom was much more organized than these guys.

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These are dangerous times. A group of high school students are inspired enough by their Headmaster's anti-vandalism campaign to actively pursue a cure for the problem. Rich kid, jock hero Derek (KEANU REEVES) leads the class debate.

The mahogany actor waxing lyrical to his entire class about the state of affairs is an experience not to be missed. Weary of the escalating vandalism and drug peddling at their school, a select few jocks (led by Derek) become a group of masked vigilantes called 'The Brotherhood of Justice'.

They begin with a system of 'watching people,' in order to put fear into the hearts of the criminals, but their actions soon become less passive and more aggressive. Drug dealers are attacked and stabbed, even on school grounds and at parties.

'Dammit man, I been stabbed' (drug dealer)

Before long, even their lofty ideals are beginning to crumble. Brotherhood members remember old, petty, unsettled scores they would like to settle.

And so 'The Brotherhood' becomes what they despise, a violent remorseless gang with no boundaries. Derek wants to get out but it's not so easy to leave...


Pompous nonsense! A must see for anyone with a penchant for goofball gangs taking themselves too seriously a la "Prayer of the Rollerboys."

You gotta love it though! Oft touted as a TV production, I first saw this film on video gracing the shelves with all of the other theatrical releases and so I have never thought of it in such a light. I suppose in retrospect, this is good stuff for a TV movie, and I recommend that anyone with a love for truly bad Keanu acting check this out immediately.

Kiefer Sutherland, Billy Zane, Keanu Reeves, Joe Spano; the list goes on, it reads like a 'who's going to be who,' of cinema.

And the wonderful Lori Loughlin proves yet again that she can make an earnest and deep impression with even the slimmest of scripts.

A hideously talented cast criminally underused.

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Strengths: Nice cast. Interesting premise. Gritty cinematography.

Weaknesses? Comic book mentality.

Our rating: 7 out of 10

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Brotherhood of Justice