Blame It On The Night

"Blame It On The Night" is a little-known musical melodrama based on a story idea suggested by none other than Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Rick Mancuso plays Chris Dalton, an aging but still on top rocker in the middle of a national concert tour. The mother of his son dies, and even though Chris has never met the 13 year old boy, (and doesn't even remember the tryst with the boy's mother), he decides to be the boy's full-time father.

He pulls the boy, Job, out of his beloved military academy, (where he's a high achiever), and has him flown to his current tour stop. Job's first glance of his father is as he's performing before an adoring audience.

Job is a "perfect little soldier", and his father lives the loose and fast life of a touring musician, so at first they don't get along. After several heated arguments, Chris makes Job a part of his road crew and he seems to be happy for the first time.

But during a softball game, Chris clowns around and causes the band's team to lose. Job is humiliated and can't understand playing a game for fun instead of with the intent to win. Chris and Job argue and decide that Job should go live with his grandparents.

While driving Job to his new home, Chris takes a sudden turn in the desert. The boys set up camp and discuss Job's mother all night long...


A watchable and slightly endearing film, the cast could've been stronger, and the music more professionally done, overall it's not a movie that you can't live without seeing.

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Strengths: Semi-original story and good pacing.

Weaknesses? Weak casting and less than spectacular soundtrack.

Our rating: 7 out of 10

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Blame It On The Night