My Best Friend is a Vampire

This movie is one of the quintessential 80's vampire flicks.

It contains just enough cheese, action, romance and teen angst to fit in with any other teen movie made in the 80's. I was 15 when this movie came out and it instantly became one of my all time favorite movies. Like "Once Bitten" with Jim Carrey it does not seem to take itself too seriously.

It shares its coming of age theme with so many great 80's movies, but uniquely mixes it with a special ingredient... vampires.

Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard) meets & spends the night with a very attractive girl, who turns out to be a vampire. Despite his incredulity he finds himself turning into a vampire, but figures it's no big deal -despite the help of a veteran vampire mentor called Madoc (Rene Auberjonois) and a handbook entitled "Vampirism - A Guide To An Alternative Lifestyle" he just wants to ignore the advice and continue to have a normal life.

As the transition continues, his need for blood is satisfied by pig's blood, but ultimately he must choose the path he is going to take once he fully transforms.

It is a fun movie and if you love 80's movies, a must see.


This movie is just plain fun.

If you like cheese which, as an eighties movie buff, I do, you'll like this movie.

There is a fight scene, teen angst, and a little romance. It is NOT the all dark and broody vampire horror flick.

It uses the vampire change as a metaphor for growing up. I put it up with "Once Bitten" and "One Crazy Summer" and "Vampire in Brooklyn".

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Strengths: Funny and fun.

Weaknesses? It does have the eighties cheese factor built right in.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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My Best Friend is a Vampire