100 Ways To Murder Your Wife

AKA: Sha qi er ren zu

CineAsia, the Asian Theatre Owners Convention, named Chow the Star of the Decade.

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'Martial Farce'... It's a strange and awkward genre at the best of times.

Hollywood gave us 'War Of The Roses', Hong Kong has 'Football Fat' or '100 Ways To Murder Your Wife' (which sounds rather more sinister if you ask me).

'Mutual Contempt' is the name of the game here, as is bungled-homicide-for-laughs action. Chow Yun Fat is Football Fat; a top footballer and captain of the Malaysian national side, he's married to Joey Wong; a beautiful and unassuming character who is a former Miss Malaysia. Football Fat's best mate, Roberto (Kenney Bee--he's like a young??) is also a great footballer and captain of Hong Kong, he's married to Anita Mui a highly successful fashion designer... these guys have it all, perfect lives, great wives and jobs they love... or so it seems.

See the catch is, both of em' can't stand their mrs', their reasons range from lame to... well, lame, Fat thinks Joey is cheating on him with every man she talks to (Yun does this great facial expression which always makes me smile) whilst Roberto's wife is very feisty and occasionally condescending towards him... in the early hours, after a party (which was probably when the screenwriter wrote this stuff), the two blokes hatch a plan to have one kill the other's wife, in a drunken stupor, both accept and go about their half baked idea in all manner of increasingly bizarre ways... chaos ensues and before it's all over, expect lots of knives, fruit salads, gay bars and a hot air-balloon...

-don't ask!

100 Ways' original, eastern title is "Shaqi Errenzu"


The best way to describe 'Football Fat' is that it's the only French comedy made in Hong Kong, but don't worry folks, they don't try and copy 'Diabolique' or anything stupid like that, it's just a strange slice of Hong Kong humour and...well: slapstick, there are some scenes that'll make you smile and I quite liked the 'His Girl Friday' style banter between Bee and Mui; like the first time you saw Cheech Marin in 'From Dusk Till Dawn': it's quite unfunny to begin with, but as it goes on and on you'll find yourself laughing, though not necessarily, out loud.

I'll be honest here: I don't really like slapstick humour, unless it's Jackie Chan and the only reason I watched this movie was because Chow Yun Fat was in it and though I'm beginning to really like Joey Wong, Kenney Bee and Anita Mui as well, this isn't the best Chow Yun Fat film ever made. Despite some hilarious scenarios 'Football Fat' is one for diehard Yun fans...and anyone who fancies Joey Wong or Anita Mui: Marital japes, OTT comedy and a great deal of larking about...well, like they say: it's a game of two halves.

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Strengths: Some funny scenes and dialogue: good performances from the main cast.

Weaknesses? Sometimes goes way over the top.

Our rating: 7.5 out of 10

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100 Ways To Murder Your Wife